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Painting done of Working Woman by Seantel Trombly

Center for Life


Group Members: Seantel Trombly and Craig Johnson

The design for the Center for Life provides layered spaces, to protect and support the women and people occupying it. The rooms located in the center (or “womb”) of the community are providing a safe and clean environment for child birth. The next layer out is an intermediate space for members of the community to come together to teach and learn from one another. There is room for family to come and support their mothers, for children to visit, and for the women themselves to continue their work and engage with other women. The final and outer layer is a space for public community to interact with the center. A wall is designed for people to sell, to meet, and to work with one another. It will create engagement and set an example of the positives that come with a thriving and connected community. 


The storyline of our lives, from birth to adulthood, is represented in the hierarchy of these spaces. It represents the need for privacy and support, then teaching and growth, and then networking and markets.  The layers are in a way the phases one goes through before they can stand on their own and then help another. 

Private - Birthing Center

Intermediate - Support Spaces

Public - Gathering and Market

Ground Level Plan

Women in local market

Hut in front of Primary School in Akpapa Dodomey

Local girl standing on remnants of local town

We began our design process by engaging with the locals of Akpakpa-Dodomey. We curated interviews focused around

the roles in the individuals in the community and if the

structures available allow them to feel empowered or

stagnant. We learned how the lives of many working

woman are often focused to stay in the home,

making it difficult for them to find education

and opportunity. As the providers and

nurturers of this area, she is expected to

sell, care for children, and provide

money and cleanliness. When

money is tight many young

girls are forced to stay at

home to help rather than

embracing opportunities

that may present



Section D

Section B

Professor: John Ellis, Architect

Section A

Section of Gathering Space 

Section of Support Space 

Section of Private/Birthing Space 

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