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Who... me?

SEANTII Designs is a Brooklyn-based design and art practice. The work explores different forms of designs from gender-neutral jewelry, mixed-media art, and architectural research, design, and practice. All of the work is strong, unique, and original. The practice spans years, times, and mediums ready to adapt to old and new mediums, forms, or clients. 

The foundation of this practice is a combination of art, design, architecture, queer culture, and psychology. All work is rooted in a trans-embodied approach to design inspired by the trans approach to the physical body. Manipulation, reconfiguration, and transformation inspire all work and lie at the heart of every next move. Pieces, such as the jewelry, encourage any user to combine, flip, rearrange, share, loop, twist, and explore new and unique ways to wear each piece. The stainless steel chainmail allows for various forms of linking and attachment and should therefore be utilized as an exploratory form of bodily adornment. Furthermore, the art and design practices are experiential, meant to encourage any viewer to interpret the story they feel most drawn to. 

SEANTII DESIGNS are internationally sold or worn. They are integrated into looks seen in Bushwick basement raves, the red carpet, and even New York Fashion Week. Follow @seantii to keep up to date on where the work is seen next.

CV_Trombly_2022 PROGRESS v2.jpg
CV_Trombly_2022 PROGRESS v2.jpg
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