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Spatial Symphony

Professor: Robert Trumbour, Architect

Group Members: Seantel Trombly, Brian Sandford, Paul Arduini, Katya, Stassen, Aidan Coleman, Ethan Levin, Jose Alberto, Gizelle Hourani, Adam Zapotok, Dominique Comeau, Ashley Marchesseault

This project was designed as a proposal for a library installation at Wentworth Institution of Technology. People are coming in an out of the library for different reasons, some alone seeking solitude to concentrate, and many others in groups; a network of collective support.


The occupants surround each other, nurturing and feeding off a place for study and contemplation. As the mental gears turn in pursuit of an idea, time seems to pass quickly, and not at all. The design of the Spatial Symphony is intended to ground us, reminding us of our contribution to the greater scheme.


This installation will accompany our community, adding a layer of comfort and tranquility to the space, grabbing our attention for a moment, before releasing us. It grows, expands, shifts, adjusts and is rhythmic but not repetitive. It is easy to ignore, or to get lost in, allowing the mind to be enveloped by this gift of wander.

Elevation View
Plan View
Elevation View
Longitudinal Section
Male mother mold
Styrene male mold
Cast paper pulp
Styrene female mold
Female mother mold
Paper pulp material making
Final rendered image of project on site
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