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We are faced with an assignment to add an addition Black Box Theater to the existing Loeb Theater in Harvard Square. The idea behind my design is to not just an additional space for performance but to create a new way for the user to experience a theater. The new facade is designed to play with light and create a moment where the user can witness the movement inside the facade. The goal is to intrigue and draw the audience or public into the building by engaging thought as to what may be happening behind the curtain of this wall, similarly to the prediction of what may happen during a performance when sitting on one side of the curtain in a theater. Working with the interior design and outer walls the interactions with light throughout the day change the way one will experience the space catching glimpses of not only what is going on behind the scenes but feeling just as important and necessary to the performance as an audience member vs cast. 

Project: Loeb Theater Addition

Professor: Meliti Dikeos, Architect 

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