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Brass Ear

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Length: 3”

Material: Raw Brass 

Raw Brass has been an important metal throughout history. Known for its yellowish warm tones that can gleam as good as gold, brass is a versatile metal that has numerous applications. 

Because of the copper content in brass, wearing brass jewelry can sometimes turn your skin green. The reason this occurs is because the metal oxidizes and reacts with the sweat from your body, creating copper chelates. While pure copper cannot be absorbed by the skin, copper chelates can. The excess copper that isn’t absorbed by your skin is what turns your skin green. To be clear: green skin from wearing brass jewelry is not harmful nor is it a permanent stain. The green stains are easily removed with soap and water. 

When brass oxidizes and weathers, it begins to tarnish. To clean tarnished brass at home and to restore its shine, use a cleaner that contains acidic ingredients, such as lemon, tomato or vinegar. There are many effective ways to clean brass jewelry easily at home. Often, these home remedies are as effective, if not more so, than commercial brass jewelry cleaners. 

Use a soft brush or cloth when cleaning your brass jewelry, as it can be scratched easily if you use abrasive items. Dirt and grime build up reduces the luster of brass so regularly washing your brass jewelry in warm water and soap will keep it shining. Use a polishing cloth to buff the brass and maintain its luster. Regular maintenance of your brass jewelry will ensure it sparkles and remains beautiful for a long time!! 

Series Description: Each piece in this series stands alone as a unique and independent statement. The gender-neutral designs allow for a flow between femininity and masculinity catering to all identities and occasions. 

Terms + Conditions: Seantii products can only be sold in stores and/or websites that have been approved by the brand’s owner. This is to ensure we do not oversaturate a market and build loyalty with our existing partnerships. We want our customers to feel that the pieces are unique, local, and special to each person. 

Shipping Policy: Orders usually ship within 3-4 weeks. Shipping costs vary and you will be responsible for paying all shipping and freight costs relating to your order. If you are within 20 miles of Bedstuy, NY (11206) we can deliver for a $20.00 delivery fee will be added to your InvoIce. 

Return Policy: We do accept returns within 2 weeks of receiving the products. This provides customers the chance to look over any product for issues, concerns, questions, etc. If you discover that your order contains damages or there are other issues with the merchandise please reach out to us and we will do our best to resolve the issue for you as we want all our customers to be satisfied. You can reach the owner, by email @

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