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As a trans/NB architect and artist, I look at my body (i.e. “the” body) as a canvas of opportunity. I see the body as a tool I continue to sculpt and change in an effort to participate most effectively with my life. This continuous alteration is not linear, nor does it have a direct and clear end goal or look. The trans approach to the body is one that cannot be defined in the same way a single shirt looks different on every person.


This project captures the mold of a singular body's approach to survival. Through binding, the body and its perception are morphed. This is an architectural re-construction of the self as a form of habitation.

"Being trans is both a blessing and a curse. Growing pains that seem to continue without end, and yet somehow on the other side of each one, I am more at peace. Transforming into something truthfully and wholly myself. Metamorphosis is underestimated, the amount of energy output (both mentally and physically) it takes to transform has obliterated me, built me, and rebuilt me."

-Sean Schaab

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schaab_Binding_Cast more border.jpg
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Print 2.jpg
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